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What is KNX, and what can it do?

KNX is a protocol, it allows many manufacturers to use the same protocol to integrate equipment and build up a system based on the KNX protocol and not on a manufacturers brand, so you can have Gira for the lighting, ABB for the heating system, and Jung for the switches. the options are huge.

Londonelectricals,  Proud KNX EIB designers, integrator, installers, and maintenance contractors.

Currently our project in Cannonbury Islington will feature the following:

Dali Lighting using Orluna fire rated adjustable plaster in down lights (Using Gira KNX dali gateways).Theban full heating control – using weather station and underfloor heating probes,  controlling actuators for manifolds to deliver constant heating.

Gira G1 and X1 integration (the X1 will control lighting and heating timers and actuators)Gira KNX integrated smoke alarms have a capacity to open roof vents when safety routes are blocked; and illuminate the hallways / fire exit route.Gira Weather station that will close windows when it rains;  send weather forcasts to the G1, close / open blinds when sunlightGira Dim to Dark Technology.Much more…

We are designing this project from start to finish,  and control to be as simple as possible for our client. With one Gira Esprit switch to control the lighting and heating reducing wall clutter of equipment.

Read more about our KNX Services here:

KNX Lighting:

The lighting used – Orluna Range of Trimless downlights (plastered in) combining Dali Drivers,  allowing full control over the lighting.

Dali Lighting Control with individually address each lighting point. Thus giving full control over the lighting to single items lighting items.

A good example of our KNX and Dali Control, is when the KNX fire alarm system goes into fire mode,  we our programming the escape routes to light up,  and all bedroom lights will flash if the time is after 10pm to ensure that everyone is alert to the situation.

The Gira G1 (poe Touch screens) installed in the master areas that give full control over the lighting and heating.

KNX Heating:

The heating is controlled by a combination of Gira Switches with temperature display and Gira probes installed in the WET UFH floor screed.

The main control from the plant room will be by Theben – Theben has been specially designed for our heating system as it has flexibility to allow control on a very fine level.

The flooring that is to be installed cannot reach above 27 degrees,  we have installed Gira probes that will detect the floor temperature and allow us to cut off the floor if it reaches 26.2 degrees.  

The gira switches will also allow us to monitor the room temperature as well as the floor temp,  meaning we can calculate how long it takes for room temperature to be reached.


We love what we do,  and we know that we can do more with KNX than any individual system,  we also know that clients like choice.

KNX has over 420 manufacturers developing and updating there products at the time of writing this.

We believe that whilst other systems can be fantastic for lighting, heating or security and we happily install most of them.  With KNX you can integrate as much or as little as you like.

Thank you for reading and if you have a KNX query give us a call!

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