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Rako lighting problem - flickering flashing

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Rako Lighting Problem – We Can Help:


Do you have a Rako lighting problem?

Is your Rako lighting flickering or flashing when pressing the keypads?

Are your keypads not responding?

Pressing a button on your keypad makes your lighting flash or flicker!

Unresponsive lighting modules or unresponsive keypads?

Bad programming; scenes not working correctly?

Badly programmed Rako System?


we can help with your Rako lighting problem:

Londonelectricals Ltd have been Rako installers and Distributors for over 10 years.

We have a very close relationship with Rako and all our electricians have undertaken the Rako training; general electricians can help with power faults but will not have the training or knowledge to repair your Rako modules or switches.

We can arrange replacements of your equipment or book in repairs with Rako and have the faulty module or keypad replaced for you.

When programming your Rako system it is important that the company in charge of this duty has the experience and knowledge to program it correctly;  we often find that poorly programmed and commissioned Rako systems need to be completely re-programmed.

Another reason you are experiencing problems could be that the batteries have gone in the wireless switch you can change these batteries yourself.

Whatever your Rako Lighting Problem we can help you,  we will book in your problem and have a trained electrician visit your property diagnose the repair the faulty module / switch.


Installing Rako Lighting Control System’s:


We find allot of problems start from the original electricians installation where they do not understand or have any Rako training.

Wrong module types installed for LED, halogen, fluorescent, cold cathode, 0-10v – incorrect selection will result in flickering or flashing lighting.

Incorrect Module selection for the load on a circuit is a common problem we find.

We are professional and Rako accredited installers;  See our Rako Installation page HERE for information on our Installation service.


Finally, Give Londonelectricals Ltd  a call today!


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