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Lutron Lighting Installers & Installations

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Lutron lighting installer and installations are a bespoke service we provide at Londonelectricals Ltd

Our lighting installations installed with skill and precision; we have been installing lutron for over 10 years and have the experience you need to make a high end lighting installation.

We will compliment your home or office with our Lutron experience.

All Our Lutron Installers are fully qualified and have the experience to deliver a first class installation.

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Lutron At The Highest Level!

We believe that getting a Lutron installation right from the beginning is key to your project, we have been designing Lutron circuit loads, cable selection, wiring methods, module selection and design for grafik Eye, QS and homeworks we know what you need for your project. and can work with you architects and M&E designers from the start to build your lighting.

Lutron Lighting Design

There are many factors when you design a Lutron system, you need to take into consideration the type of lighting that will be used (LED, Halogen, Cold Cathode, Fluorescent, etc) when designing a Lutron system, from phase adaptive modules or grafik eye using trailing or leading edge these critical factors must be worked out prior to install including loads of circuits, high lods may need Lutron power boosters, Lutron switching must use specific Lutron cable.

Professional Lutron Lighting Installer Wiring

Lutron wiring is completely different from conventional lighting which is where electricians without experience make mistakes.

We take those problems away as we know exactly what Lutron System combined with cable selections will work for your size project, Wireless or hard wired Lutron QS, grafik Eye, Homeworks system are possible or a combination of both depending on size and budget.

Lutron Programming And Commissioning

Once a Lutron system has been designed we will start the programming of the Lutron system, carefully detailing out your specific scene settings, iPhone settings, holiday modes, PIR details, room settings and zone setup exactly to your specification.

Lutron LED And 0-10v Dimming

Lutron LED Dimming can be a complex topic because of the following issues, 0-10v LED dimming, Gu10 Mains Voltage LED Dimming, Or low voltage LED dimming; but the main issue we find is choosing the right bulb with the right Lutron modules.

We have carefully selected a good list of bulbs and fittings that work with Lutron, grafik Eye, QS, and homeworks.

This allows us to use trailing edge modules, phase adaptive modules, even leading edge where necessary.

Complicated 0-10v Dimming  and electricians not understanding the fittings feature; getting the right selection and equipment from the start is KEY.

Lutron Repairs & Fault Finding

Got a problem with your Lutron need some help putting your Lutron system right? Give us a call we can help you and we offer our clients a free estimate and site visit.

Our Lutron Lighting Installer and Installation service dedicated for lutron customers

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