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Professional Sonos Installers

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Sonos Installer and Professional Installations

London Electricals Ltd have been a Sonos Installer and Distributor,  providing sonos installations for wireless music systems since it was first introduced in the UK, we knew as soon as we had a demo of our first sonos system that multiple room audio had just become affordable to everyone!

Sonos Easy Setup

Make it easy for yourself. Wiring your home for Sonos wireless music could not be easier with Sonos built in wifi network allows you to position your Sonos device almost anywhere in your house, leaving just the speaker cables to worry about and a socket to plug it in, if you are in the process of decorating or rewiring we can install the speaker cabling for you and setup your Sonos network at the same time.

We have installed some very large projects with Sonos throughout the whole home all racked in a server room out of sight. We also install basic Sonos systems for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, gardens, even swimming pools and out door music.

Professional Sonos Installer

A professional sonos installer wireless music installation may cost you a little more to begin with; but the cost in putting a system right after a poor installation will far outweigh your original costs. We strongly believe that getting your system setup right to begin with is critical and will leave you to enjoy your system and not have additional call outs to put it right.

Example Sonos System:

Using the Sonos Connect Amp (formally the zp120) which has a built in amplifier paired with in ceiling B&W Speakers ccm664, We know that with these two power houses combined you will have a first class multi room sound system at a very reasonable price (we can supply and fit the whole system) Give us a call!.

Controlling Your Sonos

Controlling your Sonos Connect Amp could not be simpler. You can use your iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac, Windows PC, Android Phone. Sonos has an App for all platforms and almost all wifi compatible devices controlling any source from your Sonos is very easy indeed.

With Sonos you do not even need a DOCK for your phones anymore. Stream your playlist directly to your Sonos dock free. Sonos is by far the best multi room audio solution on the market!

Sonos Fault Finding

We attend a lot of finished projects; where the client used their electricians that did not have experience for installing sonos.

They fail because the installers do not have the knowledge surrounding the network side of sonos; what we find is that a whole network will fail causing network storms which will drop out internet, slow down browsing, drop computers, macs, pc’s from the network. Give us a call today to investigate and put it right.

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