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Lutron have released the latest Ra2 Select Wireless Module Lighting System,  the new lutron Ra2 Select Modules allow you to retrofit app based lighting control in your property,  our engineers are all fully Ra2 Select trained and have the lutron certification.  if you have ever wanted to have a lighting system but do not want to redecorate then Lutron’s latest system is for you.

Lutron Savoia QS Window treatment for Blinds, Shades and Curtains is the premium range of motorised electronic control over your windows.  London electricals are full Lutron Pro installers and all our engineers hold savoia Qs installation certification. 

Lutrons Savoia are the quietest shades on the planet at time of writing,  and with patented Hem Bar Alignment shades operate as they should. and become part of your home and life style.

When it comes to lighting control,  Lutron's Homeworks QS is the premium lighting control system in the world.  London Electricals Ltd are fully qualified and trained Lutron Homeworks QS installers.  we pride ourselves on delivering stunning Homeworks QS systems for our clients and offer unparalleled programming and rich features.

If you have been thinking of installing Lutron Homeworks QS please get in touch and see how we can help.

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