Rako Lighting Repairs, Fault Finding and Servicing

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Rako Lighting Repair

At London Electricals we offer our clients a bespoke Rako Lighting Repair Service.

London Electricals  can install Rako from the start of the project, or we can retrofit Rako controls into your existing lighting – which means no redecorating!

We service all Rako components and parts and can check that your whole house is rako compliant and up-to date.

See our Rako installation page for full wired and wireless installations

Qualified Rako Technicians 

London Electricals provides high end lighting installations. We are approved Rako installers and distributors.


All of our technicians have full Rako Training and hold current certificates.


We have been installing Rako for over 10 years, delivering some the best Rako lighting solutions in London and the UK.

Because of our experience with Rako lighting and controls we strongly believe that we can offer a fantastic service / repair experience for your Rako Lighting.

And more importantly fix any lighting issues you may have.

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Rako Issues:

Flickering Lights, Rako lights flashing, Rako modules not repsonding.

London Electricals have been fixing these issues for many years,  we can provide a same day replacement service and reprogram of the modules.

Let us fix the flashing switches,  and non button pressing issues you are having with the Rako lights which also makes lights flash and become un-responsive.

Lights stuck in the on position,  Rako not responding to switch button press. 



Rako Lights Flash Continuously  

one of the most annoying problems with the older Rako system modules and switches are lights flashing when you press a button,  sometimes when you press a button in another room lights flash all over the place. 

We can replace the faulty modules and switches and reprogram the system as it was before the light flashing issues occurred.  

Rako Retrofitting - No Chasing Cables!

Retrofitting existing properties without chasing walls for new cables is possible if you would like to upgrade your lighting with the features and functionality of your system.

We install the wireless modules in switches, spotlights, and out of sight locations that allow us to retrofit modules.


We then install a bridge that will talk to your wireless modules and allow you to use an iphone, android, ipad, and switch to control your new lighting scenes.

All without chasing or damaging your property.

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