Lutron Vive Wireless Commercial Installation Service

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London Electricals Ltd are fully qualified Vive installers,  we have been given the Lutron Pro status because of our commitment to our customers and skill in design and install on Lutron products.

Lutron Vive for small to medium size commercial organisations, Lutron's wireless Vive systems simplify installation times and costs saving up to 70% on installation times.

Retrofitting Lutron Vive Wireless into your system can be done in as little as a day, depending on project size.

Lutron Vive has dimming modules,  passive infra-red sensors,  occupancy detection, switching loads up to 16A,  with BMS and BACnet full integration. 

Lutron Vive is simple and scalable wireless lighting control system,  which can be integrated into BACnet for BMS management control.

Lutron Vive Energy Efficiency

Lutron Vive is an energy efficient lighting system built on Lutron’s clear and reliable wireless technology.

Energy efficiency monitoring on a per load basis,  actually see the savings you are making in a visualisation.

No new wiring (if retrofitting) this will drastically reduce your costs and carbon footprint further.

Integration with BACnet the worlds No 1 leading BMS (building management system) for a full energy efficient system.

Load Shed – Lutrons Vive has CCI terminals that will reduce lighting on command if you are reaching daily load shed KWH targets.

Lighting Daylight Sensors – Vive’s daylight sensors effortlessly turn down lighting to match daylight automatically.

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Lutron Vive Commercial Retrofitting

One key decision in choosing your lighting system for your office will be the budget and the disruption to your working environment.

With Lutrons new Vive wireless lighting system you can cut the installation time by up to 70%.

Installing Lutron Vive is a simple process and we can turn around a full office installation in as little as a day.  Even out of hours if it helps keep your work flow.

Integrating Vive into your existing lighting is easy, you install the correct lighting Pak to the existing lighting; place the lutron hub setup the communication and switches (Pico’s)  and your ready – sounds easy,  it is!

Lutron Vive Lighting Designing

​Strong design teams are critical to any business,  and that is the same with lighting. 


Understanding the customers requirements and implementing their choices using knowledge of the lighting requirements is crucial in the first stages of design.


You cannot just install any Lutron Vive Module and expect them to work, with the vast amount of lighting on the market,  it is key that you choose an installer that knows exactly which modules and fittings are right for your installation.


Lutron Vive have hundreds of different equipment ranges for any project.

We have the breadth of experience and first hand knowledge of the market that you can trust.

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 Lutron Vive LED Dimming

LED Dimming can be a complex topic because of the following issues, 0-10v LED dimming, Gu10 Mains Voltage Dimming, or low voltage LED dimming.


We have gone through thousands of bulbs to find the right ones that work with trailing edge modules and Lutron Power Paks . We also choose the right bulbs that work with 0-10v Dimming & Even the Dali Systems.

Dimming LED is a complex process,  we are experts in LED dimming and can help you pick the right LED for your home.

Design - Install - Maintain

Sounds simple?

It is,  we strongly believe in designing the lighting system right the first time,  install the system per the design,  then maintain it for our customers.

We currently have hundreds of Lutron Installations,  and we support every client with highly trained staff and unparalleled support.  

Let us look after your business!

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