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At London Electricals Ltd we offer our clients a bespoke Rako Lighting Solution. We offer whole home installations, or we can retrofit rako into your existing lighting – which means no redecorating!

London Electricals Ltd provides high end lighting installations we are approved Rako installers, and when it comes to lighting controls we have been installing lighting for over 10 years delivering some of the best high end solutions in London and the UK.

We believe that getting the installation right from the beginning is key to your lighting installation.


We have been designing circuit loads, cable selection, wiring methods, Module / Rak selections for many years so we have the experience to respond to your individual needs.

Why Should I choose RAKO?

Rako is a leading UK wireless Lighting Manufacturer. when it comes to retro fitting Rako into your home this brand is the brand of choice.


Professional Rako Lighting Wiring

We have the experience to rewire the whole lighting project from start to finish with the knowledge to determine and design the right specification or combination of wired or wireless systems to suit your specification and budget.

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Rako Automation

Programming & Commissioning 

Programming is just as important as the wiring installation! A good programmer will have your Rako working exactly how you want it and to your personal preference. We strongly believe that sitting down with our clients and working out a lighting programming schedule is essential to the installation.


At London Electricals we always take time to meet with our clients for as long as it takes to establish what the specific programming needs are before we begin any works.

We work out exactly how you want your system programmed and any installation specifics before we begin any programming or installation.

With Rako lighting Programming we can setup blinds to come down at any time of the day, we can make lights come on outside from dusk to dawn.

Rako can be programmed with the use of a Rako bridge to turn on and off lights for holiday periods combining with your security system.

Rako can be used in conjunction with your Iphone or Ipads to control the lighting via your mobile device, and even has an android app so that your mobile phone device can turn off your lights if you are in bed.


Our programming experts can make all of this work for you!

Custom Rako Lighting Designing

​Designing the lighting system the right way, our installers know that module, rak, switch selection is very important,  making sure that from the start you purchase the right equipment for the project. 


You cannot just install any Rako Modules and expect them to work, with the vast amount of lighting on the market,  it is key that you choose an installer that knows exactly which modules and fittings are right for your installation.


Rako have hundreds of different equipment ranges for any project.

We have the breadth of experience and first hand knowledge of the market that you can trust.


Rako LED Dimming

LED Dimming can be a complex topic because of the following issues, 0-10v LED dimming, Gu10 Mains Voltage Dimming, or low voltage LED dimming.


We have gone through thousands of bulbs to find the right ones that work with trailing edge modules and RAK4’s . We also choose the right bulbs that work with 0-10v Dimming & Even the Dali Systems.

Dimming LED is a complex process,  we are experts in LED dimming and can help you pick the right LED for your home.

Rako Retrofitting - No Chasing Cables!

Retrofitting existing properties without chasing walls for new cables is possible if you would like to upgrade your lighting with the features and functionality of your system.

We install the wireless modules in switches, spotlights, and out of sight locations that allow us to retrofit modules.


We then install a bridge that will talk to your wireless modules and allow you to use an iphone, android, ipad, and switch to control your new lighting scenes.

All without chasing or damaging your property.

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