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Lutron Ra2 Select Lighting- what is it?

Lutron have released their latest brand to the market,  the Lutron RA2 Select.

RA = Radio

2 = Second Version

Select = the new modules

Bit of a mouthful, However,  this is one of Lutron’s very finest products that they have brought to the market.  

I believe this is a direct retaliation to Rako’s Radio modules that have dominated the UK market for so long.  Ra2 Select is quite remarkably cheaper alternative!

In a business point of view its about time,  Lutron have had their Power Pak’s for a number of years. These have done well in the commercial industry and not really had an impact in the domestic sector.

RA2 Select is a radio based Modules system,  it has a stick dimmer type that is available in two variants. Switching and dimming. Its directly leaning towards the wireless domestic market.

What we have found is an incredible back end / programming interface.  

They have managed to make the programming directly app based.

Simply select a room and then press the button on the module and name it.

No clunky engineering software that only engineers can program. 

Graphical representation of rooms and scenes make programming actually simple and effortless.

You still need an electrician to install the modules for you.  but changing your scenes and lighting types can be done by anyone.

Interested in a Lutron Ra2 Select Installation in your home.

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