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What is a Lutron Lighting System?

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

What is a Lutron Lighting System?

A Lutron lighting system is an enhanced version of the lighting in your home.

With a Lutron lighting system your imagination is the limit on what you can do with light.

A Lutron lighting system helps you manage the light in your home automatically; this can also include shades and window treatment - dimming the sun and glare is just as important as the light level of your fittings and when you combine both you have a really powerful lighting system.

Lutron lighting system Examples:

  • Setup timed events.

  • Manage Light levels.

  • Security, mimicking your daily lighting routine like you are at home when you are on holiday, this is a preventative means of intruder security as someone will think you are home.

  • Mood & Scene lighting (movie, television, cleaning, day, night, etc).

  • Geo location events, nearly home - automatically turn on the lights to 100%.

  • Geo location events, everyone has left home - all lights off.

  • 1 button whole house off as you are leaving or next to your bed if you left a light on downstairs.

  • Logic conditionals like if the time is 11pm to 6am do not turn on the fan in the bathroom - keeps a noisy fan from waking you up when you're still sleepy.

  • Mobile App Control, use your phone to control your lights. You are away from home and you left the first floor lights on - no problem, open the mobile phone app and turn them off.

  • Enhanced dimming, with automatic load type detection.

  • Much more.

Above is just a few examples of how a lighting system can benefit you and your family, and what a lighting system actually is and can do for you.

Lighting is a key part of any design, having the right lighting is crucial to your home, this includes a lighting system but is not limited to one.

Lighting colour is also critical to how you want your home to feel. 2700K lighting will give the warmth effect like halogen and is closer to natural light levels. 3000K is slightly cooler and will add cooling to the warmth, then moving up to a 4500K is a cool white and will be more useful for task lighting and clinical effects.

Also, you need to consider CRI (colour rendering index), the higher the CRI the better the light output and more life like and depth. we always use and recommend CRI levels above 85% for all fittings and tape.

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