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Welcome to our Lutron Homeworks QS installers service page.

London Electricals Ltd are proud Lutron Pro installers of the Homeworks QS lighting systems,  we believe in training all our staff to the highest quality in Lutron lighting and Savoia QS window treatment.


All our engineers have passed the Luton Homeworks QS exam and are professionals when it comes to installing Lutron lighting and Savoia Qs shades in your home.


Would you like to view a Lutron System in full operation?

Contact us today and book in a visit to Lutrons Experience Centre in Moorgate, Finsbury Pavement.


London Electricals believe in designing your Homeworks QS system; installing your system, and most importantly maintaining it for you.

This policy defines us as a company; and ensures your system will stand the test of time, and operate as intended.



With a high end lutron system you must ensure you choose the right dimming for your lights.

0-10v: With this form of dimming we use the voltage range 0-10v to increment dimming;  we can achieve very low levels of LED dimming with 0-10v.

DALI: Dali uses digital dimming,  with DALI dimming on a Lutron system you can achieve the best low levels of dimming and lighting control.

Lutron ECO: Very similar to DALI,  but Lutron own digital version of lighting control.

Mains Dim: Mains dimming is the most common form of dimming,  but it also has the steepest learning curve.

With so many lights on the market you can buy of the shelf that are mains dimming you really need to know your lighting before you buy lamps to fit in downlights (for example).  If you are looking to buy a premium lighting system like Homeworks QS;  it is wise to buy lighting that will match the system.

For more information on our Lutron lighting and dimming please see our lighting services pages.


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Londonelectricals are certified and accredited Lutron Homeworks QS Sivoia Installers.

Premium wired electronic and battery Sivoia QS blinds, shutters, rollers and curtain tracks are a fantastic way to improve your home in many ways.  


With the right shading in your home you can do the following.

  1. Reduce Glare.

  2. Reflect unnecessary heat build up from windows.

  3. Using Dual Fabrics we can reduce glare and heat build up in one fabric system.

  4. Fully blackout your bedroom for that extra few hours in bed.

  5. Using Lutron’s Hembar Alignment© your blinds will all come down at identical timing (no other company offer this).

  6. Using Lutron’s pocket systems we can hide the blinds in the ceiling,  gives the impression that the blinds come right out of the ceilings, stunning for big glass windows.

For more information on our Lutron Sivoia QS installations please see our Sivoia Page here:

See our Lutron Savoia Qs blinds and shades services


Lutron Homeworks QS is a premium lighting system,  and we are a premium Lutron Homeworks QS installer. Lutron have noticed our commitment to our customers,  and have given us the Lutron Pro Installer recognition.  

We understand lighting and what is required to successfully light a home,  having 10 years experience of lutron installations and 23 years combined lighting experience;  we believe we are more than capable to a high standard and add value to your project.