• Mark Davis

Glo Audio Visual Wins SAVANT Award in Amsterdam

Glo Audio Visual Ltd is proud to announce we have won the Savant Award for Outstanding Performance in 2020, we are proud savant installers and distributors.

Winning this award in the Savant Amsterdam Awards, just goes to show our clients we are committed to only the best installations and continued support.

Savant also announced some incredible new product lines and support packages for the UK and international markets. With Race Point Energy hitting the UK this year and Savant Shades, Savant Energy Monitoring - we are really excited to be on board the Savant Train and will continue to push Savant as our main control app this year.

Savant is the only smart all in our system to introduce energy monitoring for our clients, we are very excited to be one of the first beta testers, this will allow our clients the ability expand their already incredible system to monitor all there energy usage and make sensible decisions based on the Savant App feedback.

Please see our Savant installation page here for more information:

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