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How much does a Lutron lighting system cost?

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

We get asked this question allot.

To understand how much a Lutron System costs you need to know what system you need for your installation. See our What is a Lutron lighting system page here.

Residential Systems are usually split into different systems which I will explain below with a cost for a 3 bedroom house.

Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting System:

Lutron Homeworks QS is Lutron's flagship lighting installation, you can have wireless, wired, or combine the both. You can integrate Sivoia QS Blinds and the integration into other systems is almost guaranteed, HomeWorks also has patented technology like RTISS (real time illumination stability system) which basically takes a rough 240v mains signal and cleans it prolonging lamp life and enhancing dimming.

All wiring from the electrician runs to a central location.

You would consider Lutron Homeworks QS when you are doing a new build and you want more than 100 devices (including switches, dimmers, modules, etc) and want it hard wired.

And if you wanted to use high end logic in your system.


3 Bedroom Wired House with approximately:

12 dimmable circuits,

1 x QS processor,

1 x Lutron Equipment Enclosure,

10 SeeTouch International Light Switches (Arctic White) and engraving.

Rough Equipment Cost of £6,000.00 List

Lutron Ra2 Select Wireless Lighting System:

This is Lutron's latest system to hit the market in late 2018 to early 2019, Ra2 Select is a wireless system and is based on a modular installation, switches are all wireless and so are the modules they communicate with.

You will need to place a Lutron dimming/switching module where you want the light dimmed (at the light fitting itself). 5amp lighting is problematic.

You would consider using Ra2 Select if your budget was lower and you wanted to retrofit (install onto old cabling) and not chase the walls etc. if your installation was below 100 devices.


3 Bedroom Wireless House with approximately:

12 dimmable circuits,

1 Connect Hub/Bridge,

2 connect repeaters.

10 Pico Switches with surrounds (and engraving).

Rough Equipment Cost of £2,950.00 List


Whichever system you are looking at, with a Lutron lighting system you are buying the best in the business, Lutron invented the electronic dimmer and spend a huge amount in research and development. turning on lights from anywhere in the world, or having your path lights turn on when you get close to home, lights dimming down when you switch on your movie mode, all and much more is possible with a Lutron Lighting system.

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