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What is a Rako Lighting System?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

A Rako Lighting System is a replacement for the old dimming round switches you find in most homes today, with a lighting system you have the ability to turn your lighting into an automated, app based, and updated dimming experience which in turns increases well being.


Choosing Your Rako Lighting System:

Before you begin to choose a lighting system you need to have an understanding of the requirements for a Rako Lighting System.

  • Are you looking for a new installation of your property to include Rako.

  • Are you looking to retro fit Rako into your existing lighting.

  • Would you like a WIRED or WIRELESS system.

  • Have you ever used scene programmed lighting.

  • Would you like app control (iPhone, Android, iPads, tablets etc).

  • Do you require your lighting to operate whilst you are away – Security Holiday Mode

If you answer yes to any of these questions then a Rako Lighting System would be a good choice for you.

New Installations:

For a new installation we would normally recommend a wired system; because you are already running cables for your lighting.

And now is a good time to put in the Cat5/6 cabling to the Rako switches.

However wireless is still a great choice for new systems too,  as the Rako wireless keypads generally have a 4 year life span – even longer we have found.  This will reduce costs and installation time.

NOTE: wireless keypads do not have LED illumination for each button – whereas the Rako Wired keypads do.

Retrofitting Rako Lighting:

This is where, in our opinion Rako really excels! No other system offers the support or the quality to bring an installation up to date like Rako; modules can be hidden in the existing lighting positions and also Rako Pills in the switches, all hidden out of sight.

Rako have an unbelievable wireless range,  they will easily cover most homes.

This property was 6 floors and we installed the bridge in the basement,  and it covered the whole house with keypads on every floor and no booster needed.

We believe that Rako has done an amazing job in this department and only Lutron Ra2 Select Lighting system matches them for retrofitting existing lighting and bringing it up to a high standard.

Please see our Rako Installation Page for more information.

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