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Rako Lighting Repairs And Servicing

Rako Lighting Repair

At London Electricals we offer our clients a bespoke Rako Lighting Repair Service.

London Electricals  can install Rako from the start of the project, or we can retrofit Rako controls into your existing lighting – which means no redecorating!

We service all Rako components and parts and can check that your whole house is rako compliant and up-to date.

See our Rako installation page

Rako Technician and Rako Training.

London Electricals provides high end lighting installations. We are approved rako installers and distributors, all of our technicians have full Rako Training and hold current certificates. We have been installing Rako for over 10 years, delivering some the best Rako lighting solutions in London and the UK.

Because of our experience with Rako lighting and controls we strongly believe that we can offer a fantastic service / repair experience for your Rako Lighting.

Rako Modules and Device Selection

What you get with a accredited Rako technician is correct module and device selection. We see all to often badly installed rako equipment because the installer has no idea what they are doing or how to program a Rako system. 

When choosing your lighting it is very important to choose the correct modules for the lighting type. If you have 0-10v fluorescent lighting you will need a suitable module that will also send the 10v dimming commands. we find that this gets overlooked very often. For LED you must know the LED load to choose the correct LED Module, and also factor in volt drop.

Rako Programming Repair Service

Do you have a badly programmed Rako system, not satisfied with your Rako Scene controls, nothing works the way you want?

We can help, let us re-program your existing system to your exact requirements. We are specialists programmers and understand the RaSoft software, offering a bespoke programming service for all our clients.

Rako Servicing and Repairs

Broken Rako System, Broken Rako Modules, Broken Rako Lighting Get in touch - we offer free estimates to all our clients.

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