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Rako to Release the new RAK8 Motherboard Module Based Dimmer

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

We met with our Rako rep just before Xmas;  he had some very exciting news with regards to Rako new RAK8 and their new products for 2017.

So in the first quarter of 2017 Rako will be announcing their new RAK8  Wireless and Wired Modular System!

The all new Rak8 will allow you to control lighting or blind zones in a modular system.  so you can pick and choose the lighting types for your RAK8!

Rako Rak8 Modular Device...

Rak8 Example:

  • 4 x LED Strips running

  • 2 x down light circuits

  • 1 x 0-10v dimming circuits

  • 1 x non dimmable wall light (on / off)

My guess if you will be buying a standard RAK8 shell then you can purchase the modules to fit into the device,  this allows us much more flexibility with Rako lighting control,  mix and match your circuits and not worry about having to stay within the confinements of the RAK control.  change your lighting – change a module; simple!

Rako Rak8 Features

Plug and Play Modules,  choose from any selection of lighting modules to achieve a truly customised approach to lighting!

The new RAK8 is also the same size as a RAK4,  so you get 4 more circuits in the same size box – BRILLIANT!!!

I think they must have heard me moaning,  this will mean half the size when we are designing plant rooms or cupboard space for the Rako system to be installed.

This will be great for all electricians and installers when space is a premium as you will get twice the amount in the same space or half the amount which depends how you look at it.

Rako are also planning other new products,  which are going to be amazing…  but I am not allowed to tell you about them just yet as they are still in design stage.

Well done Rako.

For more information on what we can do for you please visit our installation page HERE.

Have a lovely XMAS everyone!

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